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November 19, 2003

(A Womans Journal – A blank journal with quotes by women).  “To err is human – but it feels divine”. – Mae West

Today, while in Alburque, NM, I spent the afternoon with Sally Smith.  We had a wonderful visit and a great dinner.  I told her a story, one that has been close to my heart lately.  I had the honor to go to Copper Center a year or two ago to present Certificates of Recognition to these high school girls who pledged sobriety.

Will Mayo, a leader that I’ve looked up to since I was a young girl was there to speak.

When it became my turn to speak, among other things, I thanked Will Mayo.  I shared with the audience something along the line of:

“I grew up in McGrath and Will Mayo came out to speak to us.  I want to thank you for doing that, Will, and I am grateful to see that you are still doing that.  Because you showed me that there was a place for me where I fit in.  A girl from a Trapping Cabin.”

While I shared this story with Sally, I cried.  It still touches me to feel how grateful I am for that.

I am now the Executive Director of a Statewide Organization.  It is amazing that this came to pass.  I am merely 33, and prepared personally and thankfully.

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