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January 5-29, 1978

Nixon River Cabin.

January 5

-26 below – washed diapers and cleaned up the house.

January 6

-26 below – did school, made bread and pizzas. Sewed clothes for the kids. Babe got a martin.

January 7

-30 below – Sunshiny. Babe’s checking traps. I washed diapers – got 4 martin.

January 8

People came up and visited.

January 9

Got 9 martin, lots. So good. Washed clothes. Floyd is 7 months old today.

January 10

Babe went to McGrath. Bought propane, Pampers, and milk, pop, apples and oranges.

January 11

Trudy’s school is going ok. Sonny needs a haircut. Katie’s bangs are growing out nice.

January 12

I’m cooking geese. Babe got the Arctic Cat going and has the electricity on. I might sew. Babe got 1 martin. I sewed Goomy’s vest up.

January 13

Babe got 1 martin. The sun is starting to shine over the trees and come inside the house. Its still warm 6 degrees above. We washed clothes with the machine.

January 14

Babe got 3 martin and went to town. He came home with groceries, cigarettes and beer for me. I made 9 loaves of bread and sugar cookies for the kids. We walked to the end of the lake. 4 degrees above.

January 15

0 degrees today. Nice and sunshiny too. We had chicken fried with spanish rice – just good and boiled cauliflower. The kids and I rode out to Airplane Lake. Babe watched Floyd. Babe got 1 martin. His lines are sure picking up.

January 16

Babe got 1 martin and went to McGrath & came back but forgot to get the ice pick fixed. He bought beaver snares. Warm out, the kids played good.

January 17

Sonny Holmberg and Billy Woollard came here on their way to trap. Babe opened his line up the river.

January 18

Babe got 2 martin. I drove to McGrath and got the ice pic welded. Goog wants Babe to race (the Iditarod). I hope he races and wins! I washed Floyds clothes. 20 degrees above.

January 19

Babe went to McGrath. Maybe MTNT will sponsor him. Herman, Buck, Lucky, Raymond came up. We partied all night and had a real good time. We had moose jerky.

January 20

Babe and I stayed in bed all day – sure was good to just lay around. The kids just played around and really made a mess. We had popcorn.

January 21

Babe went to set beaver houses and got 1 martin. He set 8 houses. Goog, Freddy and Roy came up for awhile.

January 22

Babe set 3 more houses and got 1 small beaver. Betty Mag, Jim and Floid Pierson came up for a couple of hours. Babe had a bath. We had chicken dinner.

January 23

I went to McGrath on the Arctic Cat. I called Clara & Carl. They said Mom went to Hawaii with some guy. Eep and Pudden few up and got some material. I bought cinnamon rolls and saw the Health Aide. We cut Mom’s meat.

January 24

Warm yet, cold in the lower 48 States. Took a bath. Made stew and moose jerky for Babe’s race.. Babe got 2 martin. The kids and I cleaned the house. I’m starting a vest with the yarn I bought in McGrath.

January 25

Babe got 3 beaver, 1 mink, and 1 martin. Lots of work to skin. I gave the kids a bath and washed the sheets. Still warm, kinda ice foggy all day. I washed the kids doll’s hair, knitted, and had to start all over. We’re getting good radio.

January 26

Babe stretched his beaver. I wish I could help him more. Billy Woollard and Sonny Holmberg came down. We all drove down to McGrath. A very good trip. Katie Andrews babysat at Smarz house. Babe and I partied, went to ‘women’s night’ at the Roadhouse.

January 27

Babe went up to the line and got 6 beaver. Isaac called when he was gone, wants to talk to Babe about using the dogs in the Iditarod. Me and the kids visited Sally Bobby and kids. Made a big dinner. Staying at Smarz house.

January 28

At McGrath. Calling around for sponsors – called the Nome Bar Association. Anita and Billy brought the twins and Floyd to the ballgame. Trudy spent the day with Amber. We drank beer all day and evening.

January 29

We came back home on snowmachine. The kids got kinda cold. Babe skinned 4 beaver. I knitted on the vest and cooked a good heart meat. The kids slept good.

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