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Feb. 1-28, 1978: Irene’s Diary

Dad and Uncle Eep

Nixon River Cabin.

February 1

Babe skinned his beaver. He got 2 martin and pulled his martin line. I made bread and cinnamon rolls. The kids played out after school. It’s still warm. Babe stretched 6 beaver. I knitted on the vest a bit.

February 2

Babe went to McGrath. Came home and no calls on sponsors or the dogs. He got 1 beaver. -20 below now – seems real cold. I made a stew and knitted on the vest. Did school, etc.

February 3

Pretty out, but cold. Babe pumped oil and carried water. We’re going to McGrath, stayed at Hoffman’s. Junie and I went to Goog’s, had lots of fun.

February 4

At McGrath. Floyd is cranky, so are the twins. Isaac called – Babe can run his dogs. No trouble, I’m glad. No sponsor yet.

February 5

Came home, Jim D flew me and the kids. Babe came by snowmachine. Kinda windy. We stayed at Hoffman’s. Good to be home. Floyd got his third tooth.

February 6

Babe got 2 beaver. He went to McGrath and called the Nome Bar Association. They won’t sponsor him on the Iditarod. Too bad. I would like him to win or place.

February 7

Babe went to McGrath to sell 13 beaver, he bought a lot of groceries and paid for the Arctic Cat and paid Hub Air Lines. Jimmy D flew the food out. Sure is windy. I didn’t do much.

February 8

Babe stretched 2 beaver. He’s going to McGrath. -50 below. He said he’ll send a plane for us tomorrow.

February 9

We waited all day for Babe. He came at 9 p.m. He says we’ll go to Nome on February 16 instead of the 20th. He forgot about sending a plane. Goog is going to sponsor him.

February 10

Babe got 1 beaver. Trudy did school. It’s kind of cold out. Katie has a cough and a runny nose.

February 11

Sonny Holmberg and Billy Woolard came through on their way up to the West Fork. Babe went to pull the beaver line up the river. It’s beautiful out. I washed clothes. Katie’s still sick.

February 12

Babe set 3 sets. Warm, cleaned house. Kids sick.

February 13

Went to McGrath, staying at Mom’s. What noisy kids, they’re still sick.

February 14

Kids real sick. Stayed in all day. I brought Floyd to Rose Winkelman, he got medicine. I got the paperwork mailed to everyone and called Isaac, Clara and Aniak on the fur.

February 15

We are ready to go.

February 16

Did leave to Nome at 8:30 p.m. Stinky’s Flying Service. We stayed at Goog’s Bar allday waiting and Isaac and 14 dogs got to McGrath.

February 17

I washed all the clothes. Nice to be in Nome visiting, kids too sick, but played outdoors. Good to see Mom, she made bread and went back to work tonight.

February 18

Irene, Lela, and I went crabbing, had fun. Had a big crab feed. I talked to Babe on the phone. He was in McGrath all this time and will go home tonight. The kids and I went shopping.

February 19

Sunday. Clara and I drove out to IcyView to see Irene and the kids. Didn’t do much else. Went to bed early. I miss Babe.

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