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Results of my Google Alert: Anchorage Daily News Opinion Column and the the Alaska Sierra Club..

(the ADN Editorial Board chooses what Opinion Columns get published)..

This opinion column is authored by Andrea Feniger, Sierra Club Executive Director.

The Anchorage Daily News published that- Andrea Feniger is an Anchorage resident and has been the executive director of Sierra Club Alaska since August 2020.

Andrea states in her opinion that:

As Alaskans continue to see OUR communities, environment and economy suffer from OUR state’s reliance on extractive industries, WE have watched the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) exacerbate these problems. AIDEA is a public corporation through the state of Alaska that claims a MISSION “to promote, develop, and advance economic growth and diversification in Alaska by promoting various means of financing and investment.”

Andrea Feniger grossly appropriates ALASKANS for her self-serving role to promote the Sierra Club.

How Do I know?

Appropriation refers to taking something that doesn’t belong to you or your culture. In the case of cultural appropriation, it is an exchange that happens when a dominant group takes or “borrows” something from a minority group that has historically been exploited or oppressed.,historically%20been%20exploited%20or%20oppressed.

But here is the thing:

Andrea Feinger is headquarted in Oakland, California!!!

IN ADDITION HERE IS THE (non-bonafide) “ADDRESS” OF THE Alaska Chapter of the Sierra Club:

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