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Dear Henry,

I am thinking about you.  It has to be hard to grieve your own metamorphosis, while being in the public eye.

I did not know you well.  But, as a shareholder, I never – not EVER – distrusted you. 

I talked with you only one time. 

I was newly 21 and at the ANB Club with my mom and dad. 

I just turned 21 around that time – I have to repeat that again.  On purpose.

I did not know who you were (as a Chairman).

You came over to say hi to my mom.

You said something nice about how you grew up together in Unalakleet.

I flipped my lid – so to speak..

I stood up and said quite loudly to you (loosely interpreted),

“my mom and my mom’s family were forced to live on the outskirts of Unalakleet because they were half-breeds!”

My mom did not know where she fit in.  And she still carries that.  I know how that feels and it sucks.

I was out of line (again – and obviously) when I said what I said to Henry – as if he was personally responsible.

He was not responsible because he too was just a child when that stuff was going on.  But he was there and he took the brunt of my protective anger.

Leadership is defined in the western world way different than what leadership truly is.

Leadership is up front and personal in our way of life.

Henry’s grace.

Henry’s alignment of due North is unwavering. 

I believe Henry Ivanoff has been and continues to be the measure of our collective due North.

I believe our leaders have and will continue to look to Henry when analyzing their decision-making based on due North.

To Henry – Due North!

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