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Leadership – animal style

When we talk about leadership, the underlying “it” factor, in my opinion.. is a leader’s inate drive and animalistic DNA to harness “its” charismatic and authentic means of communicating our collective need of hope. Our need for a higher purpose, and ultimately our need of inclusion to effectuate the world’s evolution through positive change.

We want to know that we are not George Jetson, just pushing a button.

We, as a humankind, need to feel hope. We need a higher purpose, and we need to be included.

Noone wants to feel less than and Passed Over. On that note. Happy Easter, my friends.

We are mammals, and as mere mammals.. We have common needs just as a grizzly bear or porcupine has their needs.

And I choose these two mammals on purpose to illustrate the human condition.

A grizzly bear is fierce. It is massive. A grizzly bear can oddly run way faster than any bipedral with that weight factor ever could.

A porcupine moves oddly slow.

But a grizzly bear knows better than to fuck with a porcupine.

A grizzly bear swats at its prey.

A grizzly bear charges and overpowers its prey.

The grizzly bear knows that having a porcupine quill stubbornly stuck in the grizzly paw; directly effects the grizzlies strategy for dominance or basic survival.

But here is the interesting thing to me.

The worldview and therefore the symptomatic behavior by both the grizzly and the porcupine are polar opposite.

Both animals have the same basic needs of survival.

A grizzly goes after its needs fiercely.

Everyone respects the fury of the grizzly bear.

A porcupine achieves its needs under any radar: a porcupine assertively stands its ground.

The grizzly bear respects and avoids the porcupine because of the porcupines own worldview.

Humans idolize the fierce strength of the grizzly bear.

But learn this..

The Grizzly Bear respects and chooses not to fuck with having a Porcupine quill unfuckably lodged into its paw.

The morale of the story.

Even the greatest creatures know when they just got fucked and they quickly learn everything they need to do to avoid being fucked by a porcupine again.

Russia short-citedly bumrushed the wrong indigenous people that are amply supplied with as many quills it takes for every stubborn, hungry, and/or newly released on good behavior grizzly that needs to learn its lesson..

That there. My friends. Is leadership.

Hail to my Ukraine Cousins I’ve not yet met!

This War is not simply a Ukrainian War.

Ukraine People are fighting a war for INDIGENOUS People around the entire GLOBE Everywhere!!

They are doing this. They are doing this

Right this minute! Right now – in OUR TODAY IN AGE!

It is the time we lodge our quills in grizzlies worldwide.

This is OUR MOMENT to turn off the iPhone. The x-box, CNN FOX News, Hulu AND F’g Facebook.

Turn it off!!

You want to know why?

Because as Indigenous People we need to be active and physically in the public eye.

Instead of us passively looking at our electronic devises, we need to pivot.

We need to be the subject every person is viewing on these devises. We need to express our message and collaborate to help the Ukraine people.

If Russia gets away with doing this to the Ukraine people.

Then other governments will do this to any and all people because they know The United States of America is irrelevant.

And they will come for our entire culture, history and they will use what you say so they can build their circle of influence.

The “system” of the United States of America is to do the least, blame their colleagues, and allow innocent people to die.

But what is our power?

Our power is to be the quill that stops the grizzly from fucking with us – all of us.

How do we do this?

We hold all of our own governments accountable for the war crimes they committed against all of us. PEACEFULLY.

This moment in history clearly illustrates how our world leaders collectively approve of the genocide of innocent civilians-TODAY. They approve of genocide TODAY.

Indigenous people are less than – are not worthy enough – expendable.

The World leaders who said that genocide would never be tolerated again as a lesson of World War II. Lied.

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