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I Want a New Drug

I want a new drug.

Very different than what Huey Lewis and the News talk about.

I want a new drug.

I want a drug that magically transforms me into being affluent, born into white new or old money.

Or just fucking white.

I want a drug that takes away the “equality rules” that I am, as a Native Woman, held so stringently accountable to, while the rule makers still have no accountability.

Anyone can make rules, but when those rules are not upheld and there is no accountablility through “civilized society”…

…then who truly are the uncivilized fucking savages?

Being an Inupiaq and Yupik woman, my grandma had her Inupiaq language literally slapped out of her by the missionaries i.e. “religious group” that staked their geographic boundaries in our region of Alaska (every region of Alaska was given to the various religious non-profit Christian groups) by the United States Government.

Beyond religion-by-organization differences AND political policy disagreements is what is interesting here. All the religions, the executive, legislative and judicial branches of U.S. Government, and even the press utilizing their broad speech freedoms, coalesced seamlessly to fuck up my ancestors.


The worst part is that this was the Plan “B” policy of the United States of America dealing with us as Self-Governed Societies.

The first plan was slaughter, by any means necessary.

After all, we were nothing equal to the real, original, and still thriving savages.

These real savages just transferred this dirty word, “savage” to an autonomous and largely isolated society – to create an “enemy” that would realign themselves who were themselves outcasted.

Instead of actually honoring their empty words of creating a place of the people, by the people, for the people.

They showed that they did not have any first-hand experience or idea to actually carry out this idea.

So they reverted back to trying to apoease their homeland by creating a common and fictitious larger threat. The indigenous people of Alaska, and seriously, Indigenous People anywhere – everywhere.

There is nothing more effective than assigning the word threat to characterize an unknown isolated, naive society, or resurrecting a dormant villian to be used to create realignment of a factionalized people.

Here is the really SICK WAKE UP CALL.

I have moved on from my traditional homelands and largely severed myself from who chose not to stick up, stand up, or even show up for me.

Which is an age-old story that the “original and real savages” (the outcasts from their own aristocratic societal homelands) bank on – and continues to be extremely effective.

I am not special.  I am not unique. 

I am common.

I thought I was Unique

Oh my God, people, I never thought in my life that what happened to me was normal.

I thought by expressing myself, through the personal shame I exposed, would serve as a cautionary tale.

Instead, I only come to realize this shit is normal.

What I experienced IS the today in age STATE OF acceptable WAY OF LIVING AND THE LEGACY (by both outright action and equally the inaction) of the HUMAN CONDITION.

No matter where any human lays their fucking head at night or raises that head in the morning.

Because it is becoming glaringly clear that where a human lays their head or raises their head, has replaced looking upward and outward for a North Star (barometer beyond oneself).

May God Bless Us All.

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