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Are you freaking kidding me????

Nick Begich was NEVER “suddenly” in an overcrowded race to carry out his opponent, Congressman Don Young’s seat.

If Nick Begich thought he was entitled to Don Young’s seat, He and ALL his supporters are willing to take a win, the same kind of shameless win Mark Begich won from Senator Ted Stevens.

No one will forget, and noone has.

Rally, tally, false poll, but yet there still is the most important factor of, “I”.

And that “I” is the voter.

Slice it, dice it, fund it, but when everything is said and done, none of all this soap opera diatribe equates to outcome.

Especially when funders continue to recycle messaging dollars, to an audience they already got.

And here is a secret, spread it widely, people with the voting power are not listening.

Why, do you ask? Track record.


Slice, dice, jump through hoops, loops, gaps, and leaps of law to stroke each others ego.

But the last I understood about voter rights, is that even if you are two-faced; that does not entitle you to two votes.

So many millions of dollars and public endorsements are really not this amount of necessary, unless you are losing.

And WOW, what a collosal loss for a former campaign manager of Congressman Young that decided to “take Congressman Young” down.

And then…wait for it.

That same former campaign manager, turned opponent of Congressman Young, to then covet the Congressional seat upon our Esteemed Congressman Don Young’s death???

And all the while, Nick Begich is saying he is different from the rest of his Begich family. He is NOT a Democrat, he says.

Well, he learned some familial lessons from his Begich family, now hasn’t he?

Step on, to step up.

Not a campaign slogan, or life mantra, I would want from a person representing anyone I know and even those I don’t know.


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