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Watch “Phil Collins, “In the air tonight” (First Farewell Tour)” on YouTube

Everything that is on the line. And by saying, on the line, mostly means how easily it is to f all off that high wire of a line.

For the affluent, the ones with a safety net, that fall carries its own anxieties.

But for the ones who live a life of survival and carry the weight of a chance to raise up their mammas and papas, that high wire has a cement landing.

There is no net.

The stakes are higher.

The anxiety is different.

This is what these draft pick ballers are suffering with as the date comes closer.

The mindfuckery is real.

This time right before the draft pick event – IS the test of who is meek, weak, sheek, and the ONE!

T he One has the opportunity to change the nature of the fame and keep this game relevant and exciting.

Over these next few days, people are watching to decide who they think will keep their shit together, or not.

It is no wonder this event belongs to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also built on a foundation of facilitating an experience. The stakes and competition to be the best at carring out each person’s Las Vegas experience is serious business.

People buy a “home free and/or a time out” destination.

That is us -Las Vegas – we are the BEST AT carinv about the stressed, exhausted, and downtrodden.

The best peers to nurture these deaftpicks are here in Las Vegas.

Everyone needs someone. A person that clearly has no dog in the fight, to interact with.

This is the hardest time to navigate who to trust.

Hence, Phil Cllins blockbuster song, “In the Air Tonight”.

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