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Shame, we do shame good.

Shame is a badge, misery a trophy, hopelessness – our way of life.

You know what I have to say about that?

Fuck those mutha-fuckas that indoctrinated shame, misery, and hopelessness as assimiliation.

Because the people, systems, and societies that oppress people like me, with their better life plan for me otherwise flaunted around as indoctrination and assimilation, are themselves not buying what they are selling.

And here is the secret. Spread it widely

We got what they want.

That puts us in control.

Do you hear me???


As a people who loves and trusts freely, we more easily absorb when others tell us we are lowly, trusting, kind, and susceptible to being fucked over.

This is what my preacher Joyce Meyer told me.

She told me that being loelwly, humble, trusting and kind is Godly Armour.

Our victory is not succumbing to shame, misery and hopelessness as a way of life..

Our victory is knowing when to CAST OUT those among us that strive to diminish our Godly armor for their evil will.

God has a plan for each of us.

Your sin is in the cross-roads of your life decision legacy making. Are you going to slink off and hope someone will take care of it all gor you?

Or are you going to exercise your God given power to stand up against those that lick their lips while they put you down?

And here is the thing, they will lick their lips because their thirst never ends.

Are you going to keep watering their mouths?

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