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Category: Diary Entries


Books.  I physically sobbed when I packed up my beloved library of stories that are entwined in me.  I do not hold value on things.  But the stories of people […]

“We Go High” – Michelle Obama Here is the deal. Michelle Obama has wonderful and magical thinking hopes and dreams for teaching life lessons to American parents on how to teach our children to survive. […]

I don’t know where I fit in

Where do I fit in? Where do I belong? There are no definitive answers. There is no exactness of right or wrong. For me to be good, does not mean […]

To My Beautiful Daughters –

My daughters make the world go ’round -Mamma To My Daughters: I have come to understand recently that I often focus on the worst memories in my past and use […]

The Alaska Plan – per gci’s website… GCI states: Connecting Alaska is a collaborative effort. While GCI is a key provider of wireless and wireline services throughout rural Alaska, we can’t do it alone. With the […]